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Emotional Education for Parents in Nine Steps




In this workshop Jaume Campos teaches us how to improve the relationship between parents and children.

Starting date: When the person chooses.
End date: Once all videos have been viewed.

It is recommendable to view the videos several times over a period of time to help retain the information and allow it to mature within you.

© Instituto T.H.B. All rights are reserved.
Author of texts and videos Jaume Campos.


  • 1 - Step 1 LIBERATION. Liberate past burdens
  • 2 - Step 2 OBSERVATION. To know if we are living in an unreality
  • 3 - Step 3 CONNECTION. Connecting with our own emotions allows us to connect with our children´s emotions
  • 4 - Step 4. ACCEPTANCE. Accept that parents are not always right
  • 5 - Step 5. FEELING. Differentiate between verbal and emotional
  • 6 - Step 6. COMMUNICATION. Communicating with our children without losing our emotional bond
  • 7 - Step 7. LEARNING. All conflicts provide us with opportunities to learn
  • 8 - Step 8. HUMILITY. Recognize and reconnect with our inner child
  • 9 - Step 9. LOVE. Love is a tuning

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