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Learning to Live


Anyone interested in personal growth.
Age: Over 14 years.


Starting date: When the person chooses.
End date: Once all videos have been viewed.

It is recommendable to view the videos several times over a period of time. This workshop was filmed at the “Espai d’Harmonització Energética” center in Bétera (Valencia) 2009. Jaume Campos offers us his knowledge and experience with these 12 lessons of life.

© Instituto T.H.B. All rights are reserved.
Author of texts and videos Jaume Campos.


  • 1- What is kinesiology
  • 2- Tools to a fulfilled life
  • 3- Personal crisis
  • 4- How we connect with ourselves and others
  • 5- Learning to feel
  • 6- Relationship between parents and children
  • 7- How we can learn from difficult situations

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