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Workshop on Emotional Education, Level 1


Anyone who has the need for internal change.

Anyone who feels something but does not know how to describe or express what it is.
Anyone that feels out of place or devastated.
Anyone that feels lonely or abandoned.
Anyone that does not find an explanation to what happens to him/her and/or it keep happening to them.

¡Here's the answer! The one you were waiting for.


You will learn to live and integrate the basis of a good emotional education, which will benefit both you and your environment.

This workshop is comprised of 11 videos (89'04 ''), 2 audio files (08'41 ') and 1 manual in pdf format (38 pages).

This workshop is the result of the experience of a whole life dedicated to the personal development of human beings. Here you will find the answer to your feelings, emotions and/or inexplicable, impulsive and unconscious feelings. It is a simple and enjoyable course that will help both you and your environment learn from conflicts.

There is no need to hide! Now you can learn from them!


The workshop was created in reponse to the need to learn to feel and manage the emotional conflicts. In this first level, we will learn how inner conflicts arise and develop, the basic concepts for a good emotional education, where we are or what our real situation is and where we are going.

Instituto T.H.B. © All rights reserved.
Texts and videos by Jaume Campos.


  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Glossary of concepts
  • 3. Consciousness
  • 4. The beginning and origin of conflicts
  • 5. Dualism
  • 6. We begin from where we are
  • 7. Unconscious blocks
  • 8. Your worth, goals and beliefs
  • 9. The quiet emotional impact
  • 10. Responsibility
  • 11. Conflict resolution

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