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Workshop on Emotional Education, Level 2


Anyone who has taken the first level of the workshop on Emotional Education. It will be a tool to complete their personal work through which they will obtain enough resources to manage their emotions better.


This workshop is made up of 9 videos (63’), 5 audio files (21’23”) and 1 manual in pdf format (36 pages).

This second level will deeply tackle conflict resolution. We will work on every aspect related to the different parts of our body, trying to find out what they are telling us and how feelings can guide us to get to know ourselves better through associated emotions and the feelings behind them. We will set the basis to build relationship with our inner child. Learning to create it will be the key to our personal development.


Being aware of our emotions and unconscious personal conflicts in order to be able to manage them and learn from them.

Instituto T.H.B. © All rights reserved.
Texts and videos by Jaume Campos.


  • 1. Stages in the change of consciousness
  • 2. The beginning of change
  • 3. Body language
  • 4. How to recognize our emotions responsibly
  • 5. Differentiate between physical, energetic, and emotional pain
  • 6. The seven basic centers
  • 7. Releasing inner feelings
  • 8. Working with our inner child
  • 9. Dialogue with our inner child
  • 10. Acknowledgements

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