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Emotional Education Workshop for Entrepreneurs


All those people who are willing to work on a change in their working lives.


“The business of your life is the one that provides for you and also lets you work and enjoy at the same time”

Starting date: Any time
End date: When the pdf file has been read and the videos (lesson 13) have been viewed.

This workshop is based on my own working experience and the professional difficulties I struggled with throughout these years.

As entrepreneurs, we need our products or services to be widely known, but the first obstacle to this is our own fears which we have been acquiring from our environment or from our own interpretations of reality. In order to change this, certain weaknesses need to be tackled and freed. Only this will let us see our potential.


To release the potential that every one of us has inside.

© Instituto T.H.B. All rights reserved.
Texts and videos by Jaume Campos.


  • 1. Welcome and introduction
  • 2. Basic premise of the emotional education for entrepreneurs
  • 3. Initial approach
  • 4. Entrepreneurship
  • 5. Key requirement
  • 6. Conflict management
  • 7. Succes
  • 8. From ideas to goals
  • 9. The goal
  • 10. Why do some people have a recession and others don't?
  • 11. Basic things you need to consider when having a business
  • 12. Conclusion
  • 13. Final activity
  • 13.1 KEY 1. Responsibility
  • 13.2 KEY 2. Inner development
  • 13.3 KEY 3. Freeing acquired ideas
  • 13.4 KEY 4. Freeing limitations
  • 13.5 KEY 5. Demystifying fear of failure
  • 13.6 KEY 6. Focusing on feelings
  • 13.7 KEY 7. Opening to countless opportunities
  • 13.8 KEY 8. Time and space
  • 13.9 KEY 9. Learning to choose
  • 14. Farewell

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