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Workshop on Holistic Biophysical Kinesiology – Module 3


Those people interested in learning about kinesiology and its professional applications. No previous knowledge is required.


This workshop is divided into three modules:


This workshop is the result of a professional and personal work and tries to convey an effective and deep knowledge of kinesiology.

Meet Jaume Campos, who will teach the workshop on kinesiology.

For a better understanding, the workshop is divided into three modules. We recommend doing each module in approximately 3 months. A final test will be taken at the end of each module. The certificate will be given after passing the third module test of the workshop. Regardless of our recommendation, you can take as much time as you need for each module as the registration does not expire and they will always be available. You will be able to contact me at jaumecampos@institutothb.com

Each student will be granted a certificate by the Holistic Biophysical Therapy Institute (Instituto de Terapia Holística Biofísica), which is a certified centre by APTN-COFENAT – the professional association of natural therapies in Spain.


The goal of this workshop on Holistic Biophysical Kinesiology is to train future kinesiology therapists.

For those who are interested in having a more profound knowledge, this workshop also tries to lay the foundations for training qualified therapists around the world on the method I created after thirty years of research on the matter: Deep Emotional Energetic Release (D.E.E.P. in Spanish).

Workshops are aimed at making the student evolve personally and professionally.

You can send any comments to jaumecampos@institutothb.com

We’d like to create a pay-it-forward system in which we help you to be trained so that you can help and train others. We look for honest and humble people from all around the world who believe in the path of union and who firmly oppose disintegration. If this message is in line with your feelings, I would like to share the journey with you.

All the best
Jaume Campos

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  • 12. Basic 'mudras' in kinesiology
  • 13. Physical test
  • 13.1 Vertebral fixations
  • 13.2 Shock absorbers
  • 14. Chemical test
  • 14.1 Sugar test
  • 14.2 Dosage
  • 14.3 Heavy metals test
  • 15. Emotions test
  • 16. Energy regulation
  • 16.1 Aura regulation
  • 17. Intervertebral foramina
  • 18. Substitute technique
  • 19. Complete check. Final protocol
  • 20. Farewell

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